GRANDUCATO LIMOUSINE SERVICE only uses Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles of the latest generation, having all comforts and options to guarantee and satisfy a top quality service for all people travelling for job or fun.

On all of our vehicles we guarantee the maximum of cleanliness and hygiene, comfortable leather seats, radio, CD player, air conditioning, USB socket, tinted windows, Wi-Fi connection and a welcome set composed of wet wipes and a bottle of water.

On board of our vehicles you will always have a comfortable and relaxing trip.

GRANDUCATO LIMOUSINE SERVICE submits all the vehicles to monthly checks and also they are ensured with the maximum coverage.



Our Mercedes minivans are practical, spacious, safe, equipped by every comfort, suitable for each kind of transport service due to the proper ability and versatility that ensure space above the norm for passengers and luggage.

Suitable for small groups or large families or in case of a particular need of vehicle’s livability.

PEOPLE ON BOARD 7/8 + driver

LOAD LUGGAGE 5 big suitcases + trolleys 



Elegant and refined, ideal for weddings, business service, transfer or important events.

E Class always guarantee a high quality and sophisticated service.

PEOPLE ON BOARD 3 + driver

LOAD LUGGAGE 2 big suitcases + trolleys 


The most powerful sedan and class of our vehicle fleet, suitable for transfer services, business, VIP service or weddings. Luxurious and refined, it really offers a “TOP CLASS” service.

PEOPLE ON BOARD 3 + driver

LOAD LUGGAGE 2 big suitcases + trolleys 

To rent Mercedes S Class we apply a surcharge of 20%.

We remember it is not allowed to load and transport luggage inside the passenger compartment.